Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Unto the Breach

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go has finally made its debut on KUCI and to be honest we're so relieved! Both Maria and I were nervous wrecks pushing through today's show but now that its over we're looking forward to many, many more and to getting better on the air live! Just to recap, on today's show we simply introduced ourselves, gave listeners an idea of who we are as well as introduced the main objective of our show: to delve into the world of art, discuss the many different forms of art and creating, and to promote artists in the community as they share their perspective and their creative process.
We also discussed our own definitions of art --- although different we both seemed to agree that art can be anything! Also that the many different forms of art can be made for so many different reasons including political commentary, commercial purposes, personal self-expression, and public statements. Some of the examples we talked about were Post Secret (a good example of both private and public art) and Starbucks art (a salient example of commercial art). Then we transitioned to talking about the accessibility of art and where it can be found aside from galleries and museums, the internet being a very accessible portal to the art world. People are able to share their paintings, photographs, designs, music, etc. by merely posting it on the internet through the many art collective websites and social networks.
Art is always changing and evolving, which is why we are so excited to devote our show to it! Tune in next Wednesday at 10am to hear more from us!
-Kyle and Maria

Music on played on All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go:
Human by Carpark North
Untrust Us by Crystal Castles
Hardcore Days and Softcore Nights by Aqueduct
Feeling Better by The Teenagers
Fountain of Youth by The New Amsterdams

Photo courtesy of Marc Johns Has a Blog. (

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